Health & Safety

iWash take Health & Safety of all sites and operational aspects of the organisation very seriously.  iWash have an on-site monitoring system and daily log which includes any incidents that may pose a threat from a health and safety point of view – which are then immediately addressed to remove any potential harm.

All of our sites carry liability insurance to cover against any unfortunate events.  Each site is monitored and audited by our Regional Managers to ensure thorough cleanliness, professionalism and adequate health and safety is in place at each site that we operate from.

All washing products used by iWash Group are ‘non-slip’, eco-friendly cleaning materials with minimum water usage.

Further, every single site operated by iWash has sufficient organic salt spread over the areas of operations and surrounding paths and areas over winter months.  This is not only a value added service for our clients – but also ensures that iWash do all that we can to enhance the customer journey and experience.

If you have any questions or queries regarding health and safety with iWash – please contact us at